Our Team

This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, NHSx (NHS AI Lab) and the Health Foundation. It is a collaboration between Positive East, the University of Westminster, the University of Southampton and the University of Sussex. We engage with many third sector organisations, charities, universities, religious institutions and NHS services to improve our understanding of digital sexual health services for racially minoritised ethnic groups that are often underrepresented in research.


We thank the following organisations for their support:

<British Association for Sexual Health and HIV – Racially Minoritised Special Interest Group> <Encompass Network> <Black Health Matters Project > <SWARM> <Black Beatle Health> <Sparkle> <British Asian LGBT> <Gaysians> <Black South West Network> <Women4Women> <Casa do Brasil> <Radio Mais Brazil UK>

Project collaborators

Ian Montgomery
Anathoth Bulukungu

Carrie Llewellyn
Damien Ridge
Nur Yanyali

Deborah Husbands
Tom Buchanan
Nicky Knights
Evan Rouse

Tom Nadarzynski
Cynthia Graham
Alexandra Stefan
Gilson Guimaraes

Let’s build something together.

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