HIV Live web-chat

Sexual Health Web-Chat in Hampshire

Positive Action & Solent NHS Trust Initiative 


This project is developing a secure online video conferencing (web-chat) facility that will enable HIV prevention support for marginalised communities in rural Hampshire. It will benefit the local area by providing increased access to HIV prevention, treatment and care, welfare advice and peer support in an innovative way.

What is involved

The rurality of Hampshire means that for many, access to services can be challenging. The associated costs and time needed to engage with special support for HIV prevention and HIV treatment and care can be prohibitively difficult so whilst successful 1:1 support programmes and treatment and care support is available, many do not take up these offers.

Positive Action will work in partnership with Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Service, counselling services and peer support programmes to provide secure interventions including:

  • condom access
  • the negotiation of safer sex activity (including chemsex)
  • treatment support
  • welfare and preventative social care.

The partnership with local NHS Sexual Health Services will enable online access to HIV specialists, CNS, Pharmacists, Consultants and HIV Prevention specialists. This will be delivered through a single, secure portal.

The online web-chat will also be linked to HIV prevention work aimed at behaviour change, safer sex and relationships support for MSM and will include:

  • text and telephone support
  • access to condoms by post
  • self-sampling for STIs and HIV
  • an HIV portal for results and medication management
  • remote access support via internet chat rooms and social media

This includes access to translation services for membership of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and Black African (BAC) communities that may find access to health care and HIV prevention complex due to language barriers.

This will enable:

  • behaviour change interventions to reduce risk behaviour
  • clinical interventions to enable increased adherence to medication
  • counselling and peer support
  • access to specialist welfare practitioners

The target groups for this service are rurally isolated men who have sex with men (MSM), young MSM, BME/BAC communities and socially and rurally isolated people living with HIV who will access support via mobile telephones, PCs and tablets.

Contact: Dr Tom Nadarzynski (

Funder: Public Health England

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